Save My Friend, Innocent North Korean refugees!!!
Song Lee
3/6/2012 7:44:09 PM
                                      Why This Is Important

Innocent North Korean refugees, some of which are our friends and family, are at risk of execution if repatriated to North Korea.

This case is important because it is the first arrest of North Korean refugees in China after Kim Jung-il's death. Kim Jung-un, the son of Kim Jung-il and NK's current leader, declared that refugees who flee North Korea during the 100-day mourning period of his father's death would be annihilated along with their families.

Thirty have been caught, but many more lives are at risk -- North Koreans that are caught trying to defect are faced with the cruelest death sentence, often preceded by a long process of torture or excruciating labor. This is because the North Korean government perceives defectors as the number one threat to their authority.

If the international community, especially China, doesn’t take a strong stance on saving North Korean refugees once and for all, they are guilty of supporting the death of thousands of innocent lives. China has the power and opportunity to rewrite history and stop one of the greatest atrocities of our time -- on behalf of our friends and family, we plea so please help and pray for them 

Tree of Life Mission has been supporting Chinese North Korean missionary  who are saving NK refugees in the bordline between China and North Korea Dandong and Hunchun.

Please, pray that the Chinese government will allow the NK refugees to become FREE.

And, pray for our mission trip to Dandong and Hunchun in Summer 2012 (July-September). Please support us by donating food and medicine (MDR-TB).

We will deduct taxes        ASK: (404) 512-1021

You will be a good Samaritan!!!

Save My Friend!    


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