~About the Tree of Life QT Calendar~
Song Lee
12/19/2011 7:11:25 PM

                   The Word of God is all we have!!!!!!!


Since 2008, the Tree of Life Mission produced yearly calendars that include daily Bible verses. 

People would read these Bible verses everyday and pray to God.

The QT Calendar would also include exclusive, inspirational monthly paintings.

The goal of the Tree of Life QT Calendar every year is to encourage Christians to spend at least five minutes everyday to focus on God and to spread God's Word across many churches across the United States.

Also, we want to encourage non-believers to read the Bible and open their hearts to accept God's spiritual food.

Nationwide, we have been supporting small churches and Christian hospitals.

Underground churches for the escape form North Korea in China have also received these QT Calendars.

Every year, these the Tree of Life QT Calendars is available in the Korean language and an English version.

This way, Americans can read the Bible verses and ask God for spiritual guidance using the QT Calendar.

Also, the Tree of Life Mission may spread the QT Calendars to all churches.

These calendars are free; however, we ask for donations to the Tree of Life Mission fund, so we can develop the following year's QT Calendar and supporting the refuse of North Korea.

Ultimately, with the Tree of Life Mission fund, we have God's perspectation to establish a Christian school which integrates Kindergarden to 12th grade.

We also plan to sell the original inspirational Christian paintings from the QT Calendars for the School Mission fund. 

We pray that many churches cooperate with the Tree of Life Mission and help the Mission fund for the establishment of the Christian school.

If you order Tree of Life QT Calendar, we will be very helped for Mission Fund!!!

    Send to my e-mail    treeoflifemission05@gmail.com 


or go to free board of   www.treeoflifemission.com

 To apply the church INFO, pastor of the e-mail, cell phone, calendar, to receive addresses, please specify the number of copies of the calendar application.

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   Thank you for praying and cooperating!!!

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